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1492 through 1877


  • 9/3/2020 - 9/4/2020

    Grade 8 Social Studies

    Mrs. Huth-Mercer


    Please click on the link below to complete the Parent Communication Form


    WEEK #3

    Student & Parent Forms, Syllabus, Book Cover & Bday Page Final Turn in Date:  Friday, 9/18


    Monday  9/14/2020

    Discuss Schedule & Write in Planner

    Explanation of How to Figure Your History Grade

    Record Returned Papers & Average Current Grade

    HW: Begin Chapter 1 Section HW Quizzes with Textbook

              Finish Chapter 1 Notecards (23) and Chapter 1 Outline 


    Tuesday 9/15 

    Collect Chapter 1 Outline & Check Notecards 1

    Discuss Chapter 1 Section HW Quizzes & Turn in

    Chapter 1 Google Slides with Guide

    Explain BKQ Review and BKQs

    HW: Begin BKQ Review and STUDY  (keep 17 notecards - or none for extra credit)


    Wednesday 9/16

    Discuss / Correct / Turn in BKQ Review 1

    Basic Knowledge Quiz 1 Today (BKQ 1)

    HW: Chapter 2 Map Activity


    Thursday 9/17

    Collect HW

    Constitution Day Questions with Google Slides

    Make Vocabulary Window (need scissors)

    Begin 2.1 & 2.2 Notecards Together

    HW: Finish 2.1 & 2.2 Notecards (20)  

              Finish Student & Parent Form, Syllabus, Bk Cover & Bday Page


    Friday 9/18                

    Check Notecards 2.1 & 2.1

    Check for quality paper bag or gift bag book covers (20 points)

    Collect completed student & parent forms/signed syllabus  (20 points each)

    Constitution Day Answers with Google Slides

    Summary and Vocab Review 2.1 & 2.2

    Looking Ahead to Next week:

    2.3 and 2.4

    Wednesday - BKQ 2

    Begin Explorers


    P A S T   W E E K L Y    S C H E D U L E S: 


    WEEK #2 

    Please bring your textbook on Wednesday & Friday.

    TUESDAY 9/8/2020

    Discuss/Turn in HW

    Sticker 11 Capital Cities on a World Map while discussing google slides

    Distribute Birthday Page instructions and discuss

    HW:  Complete the Capital Cities/World Map worksheet

    STUDY Geography notecards / work on Birthday Page



    Discuss/Turn in HW

    Discuss Class Syllabus

    Discuss different types of maps and the advantages/disadvantages of the globe

    Review for Geography Quiz

    HW:  Geography Quiz Review & STUDY (please note - the Geography unit is a REVIEW and not a BKQ, so notecards are not used while you take this first quiz)


    THURSDAY 9/10

    Discuss/Turn in HW

    GEOGRAPHY QUIZ TODAY! (know the notecards, continents, oceans & 11 capital cities)

    Distribute and Discuss Parent/Guardian and Student Forms

    HW:  Work on completing Forms & Birthday Page (due 9/18)

    Please Bring Colored Pencils or Crayons tomorrow 


    FRIDAY 9/11

    Chapter 1 Outline (need colored pencils or crayons please)

    Explain how to complete Notecards - Begin Chapter 1 Notecards  (23 total cards)

    HW:  Finish notecards (due Tuesday) 

    Work on: Book Cover, Forms & Birthday Page (due Friday, 9/18)


    Looking forward to Next Week :

         Review Chapter 1

         Basic Knowledge Quiz 1 (Tuesday)

         Begin 1st 9 Weeks’ Grade Sheet

         Begin Chapter 2



    September 3 - September 4, 2020


    THURSDAY 9/3  

    Textbooks issued, their conditions noted

    Google Communication form distributed

    Accept Invite to American History Google Classroom

    Geography Notecards completed together

    HW:  Geography Study Guide (use notecards/text)

    Please cover your $70 Textbook in a PAPER BAG by 9/11


    FRIDAY 9/4

    Geography Review Assignment on Google Classroom

    Looking forward to Next Week :                     

    Tuesday: Capitals of countries significant to early U.S. History, Birthday Page

    Wednesday: Class Syllabus, Review for Geography Quiz

    Thursday: Geography Quiz  

    Friday: Begin Chapter 1,  Parent and Student Information Forms



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