7th Grade Science

Rootstown Middle School


7th Grade Science


Mr. Just


Email: just@roversk12.org

Website: http://www.rootstown.sparcc.org


Course Texts:


Weather and Climate

Environmental Science


Chemical Building Blocks

Motion, Force, and Energy


We will also be creating an Interactive Notebook (IN) throughout the school year to go along with the textbooks.  The IN will consist of notes, in class activities as well as homework assignments.  This IN will be our primary source for preparing for tests and assessments. The IN will be made from the 5 subject notebook/1” binder each student is required to have.


Late Work:

This year there is a new district-wide homework policy in place.  The deadline to turn in late homework for 100% credit is every Monday, for homework which was due the previous week. This includes the Monday after the grading period ends.


Test Retakes:

The deadline to re-assess Projects/Assessments for 100% credit is October 8th for Projects/Assessments assigned from September 1st to October 2nd. In order for students to reassess, a conference/work session with the teacher is required.  Any Project/Assessment assigned between October 3 and November 6, must be re-assessed by November 10th.  The deadline for students to reassess Projects/Assessments taken during the last week of the grading period, remains the Tuesday following the last day of the grading period. (November 10th)


Expectations of Students:        

I expect all students to act as if their parents were sitting in class with them.  If a student forgets- or needs to be reminded of how that should look- a parent may be invited to sit with their son/daughter during class for a day, or longer (if needed).

Daily Class Materials:

Students should report to class prepared everyday.  In order to be prepared, all students should have the following available to them:

  • Pen/pencil and eraser

  • Loose notebook paper.

  • 5 Subject Notebook or 1” Binder

  • colored pencils when needed.

  • Textbook EVERYDAY!



The grading scale is based on a 10 point scale.  There are still +’s and –‘s, except for A+.


93-100%    A

90-92.9%    A-

87-89.9%    B+

83-86.9%    B

80-82.9%    B-

77-79.9%    C+

73-76.9%    C

70-72.9%    C-

67-69.9%    D+

63-66.9%    D

60-62.9%    D-

Below 60%    F


The 9 Week Grade, Midterm Grade and Final Grade breakdown as follows:

-80% Assessments                -     20% Classwork/Homework


All grades will be entered into Progressbook Gradebook. Progressbook will be updated once a week, typically on Monday’s.  This is a new online gradebook.  You can find a link to ProgressBook on the district website.