Retake Policy

Assessment Retake Policy

-Please give teacher at 24 hour notice, since re-takes are individualized this time is utilized to create re-assessments that are student specific.

- Group Assessments may have to be re-taken individually.

- The original assessment needs to be turned in so that the re-assessment can be only on the material the student missed.  If this is not possible other arrangements maybe made, including re-assessing over all the concepts.

- Must be take during study hall, lunch, before or after school (must find own Transportation due to Covid restrictions)

-District policy Dates

Mastery of Content: Students will have the opportunity to retake assessments of which they would like to show a greater level of mastery than they achieved on the initial assessment.  The table below defines what can be made up and the timeline of when it must be completed.


PRACTICE WORK (20% of overall grade)


  • Lessons, activities, and work completed/assigned in class ONLY 

  • Not accepted for late credit


  • Lessons, activities, and work completed/assigned to be completed outside of class time 

  • Late work accepted for up to full credit until the Monday following the week work was due


ASSESSMENT WORK (80% of overall grade)

  • Includes tests, quizzes, projects, writing assessments, labs, presentations, etc. 

  • In-class assessments must be completed when initially assigned.

  • Project-based assessments (including writing, labs, presentations, etc.) must be submitted on the due date.

  • A good-faith effort must be made on the original assessment in order to be eligible for reassessment.

  • Reassessment work may earn up to full credit.

  • Reassessment will be scheduled via student/teacher conference to be completed by the deadlines outlined below. At the end of the first semester, students in semester-only courses should arrange to complete all reassessments prior to the last day of class.

Time Period





Weeks 1-5 of grading period

Oct 8

Dec 3

Feb 25

May 6

Weeks 5-9 of grading period

Nov 2

Jan 25

April 5

June 3

Any questions or concern please let me know!