sixth period AC ELA sixth grade 21-22  

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  • January 3-7

    1/3: OTD--Fats Domino, OH standards book pg. 241 & 242, Every Day Edits--Betsy Ross, Wind Cave, Alaska, Sir Isaac Newton, Classroom Cereal story 12

    1/4: OTD- National Spaghetti Day, Who and Whom, No Red Ink-Who and Whom

  • November 8-12

    11/8: OTD--Charles Demuth, No Red Ink--pronouns
    11/9: Monday Musings; OTD, root words-poly, macro, micro
    11/10: OTD- Sesame Street, every day edit-Sesame Street, WOW-simplicity & complexity, poem "On turning Ten"
    11/11: correct analogies--ANALOGIES ASSESSMENT NEXT TUESDAY, Every day edit-Veterans Day, Plot video, read play "Trapped on Battan!" and plot chart
    11/12: OTD Louisa May Alcott, finish "Trapped on Bataan!" and plot chart, Veterans Day poem card

  • November 1-5

    11/1: Ohio State Practice Test (Literary portion), Classroom Cereal Story 3 parts 1-3
    11/2: Time to Type Tuesday (Dogs)--7 minutes, analogies, Classroom Cereal story 3 parts 4 & 5
    11/3: acrostic poem--"If You Were an Adjective," OTD--Janell Cannon
    11/4: STAR reading, Every Day Edit--King Tut, OTD-King Tut, Classroom Cereal Story 4 parts 1, 2, 3
    11/5: OTD-Copernicus, WOW, Pronouns page 231, complete Classroom Cereal story 4 parts 4 & 5

  • Oct 18-22

    10/18: Monday Musings, OTE, NRI--singular possessives
    10/19: OTD--The World of Birds, Time to Type Tuesday--type for 10 minutes, tracking what you read, Assessment Corrections-due Thursday

  • October 11-15

    Intervention: Ohio Standards book pgs. 243 & 244

    10/11: Monday Musings, OTD --”Imagine” released, OH standards book pg. 61-63--Analyzing Character Development, No Red Ink--Contractions and Nouns--both due at 7:00 AM Wednesday

    10/12: ASSESSMENT-WOW words and Root Words, Book Club Celebrations, No Red Ink--work on Contractions and Nouns

    10/13: OTD, Context Clues edHelper sheet, Literature Pre Assessment

    10/14: OTD, Thoughtful Thursday free write for 7 minutes, context clues sheet-finish

    10/15: OTD, OH St. book pg. 64 & 65,  finish any NRI not completed, Novel activity--see me

  • October 4-7

    Intervention this week: 
    Ohio Standards book pg. 253 & 254 Greek and Latin Word Parts

    10/4: Monday Musings, OTD--Volunteer fire departments, OH Standards book pg. 255 & 256 Using a Dictionary,  pg. 257 & 258 Using a Thesaurus, No Red Ink adverbs and articles
    10/5: Renew Books, Time to Type Tuesday, OTD, NRI--conjunctions

  • September 27-October 1

    Intervention this week: OH Standards book pg. 263 & 264

    9/27: Novel Predictions,  OTD--Thomas Nast, Every Day Edit, No Red Ink--sentences and fragments

    9/28: OTD--Kate Wiggin, No red Ink--commonly confused words

    9/29 OTD--The Berenstain Bears, OTD-- A Star is Born, Time to Type Tuesday (the link did not work yesterday), No Red Ink--finish any assignments not complete and work on Capitalization assignment

    9/30: Catch up on work day--complete missing assignments and No Red Ink missing assignments.; NRI Adjectives

    10/1: OTD--Julie Andrews, Every Day Edit, NRI Adverbs, see me for novel assignment

  • September 20-23

    Intervention this week: OH standards book pg. 251 & 252


    9/20: Monday Musings, OTD-Glacial Avalanche, Constitution Analogies, choose book club book

  • Sept. 13-17

    9/13: OTD Robert Indiana, Pre-assessment for answering an essay question, dot picture 

    9/14: OTD-President McKinley, Time to Write Tuesday, Newsela article "...lesser known long nosed bat"--annotate and answer questions

    9/15: WOW-root words cycle and hemi, videos "The Dot" and interview with Peter H. Reynolds, cinquain poem   

    9/16: STAR reading, imagery "Bats"

    9/17: Constitution Day: OH standards book pg. 261 & 262-analogies, Every Day Edit-Constitution, Reader's Theater Preamble, Constitution analogies

  • Sept. 7-10

    9/7: OTD-Hall of Fame, M.I.N.T.S.--complete for capitalization, There, their, they're chart, organize binder   PRACTICE: finish There, They're, Their sheet, ASSESSMENT Friday 9/10

    9/8: OTD-Jack Prelutsky copy change poem, voc Stellaluna, Their, There, They're definitions and examples  PRACTICE: finish copy change poem, study Their, there, they're

    9/9: OTD Colonel Sanders,Thoughtful Thursday--Write for 3 minutes and 30 seconds about your middle school experience so far, Roots Stellaluna, There, Their, They’re sentences


  • August 31-Sept 3

    8/31: procedures and expectations, literature book, Ohio Standards book, Stellaluna   HW: cover literature book, signed forms

    9/2: On this Date (OTD) writing, About Me  HW: cover literature books, signed forms, finish About Me

    9/3: OTD, Every day Edit Stellaluna, M.I.N.T.S.  HW: anything not already completed for this week


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