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Art Assignment for the week of March 30th-April 4th.

Please create a Google Doc that answers the following prompts and share it with me by Sunday, April 6th by Midnight.


Mask Design Explanation

You must use complete sentences, restate the question in the answer and use correct capitalization and punctuation. Please be thorough in your answers.


1. What problem does your mask solve and how does that apply to you personally?

2. What is the function of your mask, in other words, what does it do?


3.How does the design of your mask reinforce the function of your mask?

    (Are the colors symbolic? Are the decorations/imagery on the mask symbolic or help to create meaning? etc.)


4.Research one new reason that people wear/create masks and tell me about it.



The students have two options for art assignments for this week (March 17th-20th)

Option #1

The seventh graders have been working on designing and constructing paper mache masks. The students were planning on having this week in class to finish them up. I gave the students the option to take masks home and finish them there. I made sure each child had the opportunity to take paint with them if they do not have any at home. I also explained that they can make their own paper mache paste by mixing one part water to one part white glue (Elmer's). They are not required to do any more paper mache, but I wanted to give them that information in case they did want to continue on at home.

Once masks are complete please email me a photo of the finished mask.These should be emailed to me by March 30th. eibler@roversk12.org

Option #2

Please complete a detailed drawing of a mask design. I would like it to have a function, it should "do something" like we discussed at length in class. The mask drawing should be colored and the appearance of the mask should reflect or reinforce its function. 


Looking ahead...

The week after break I will give a written assignment in which each student will explain the design and function of the mask. This will serve as a replacement for the presentation we had planned upon.

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