Know How to Get Good Grades


1.  Be organized--Use your student planner.  Keep your locker neat.  Organize your notebooks.

2.  Be successful in the classroom-Come to class, every day.  Always do your homework. Bring everything you need to class. Participate in class. 

3.  Manage your time well-Create a study plan that works for you.  Allow more time than needed for homework.

4.  Take good notes-Pay attention to what your teacher is saying.  Take notes that are neat and easy to read.  

5.  Study Smart-Find a quiet place to study.  Focus on one thing at a time.  Do difficult assignments first.  Break large assignments down into smaller parts.

6.  Use test-taking strategies-Have everything you need for the test.  Before you start, look over the test and make a plan.  Check your answers and use all of the time available.