Reading Comprehension

Questions to Support Reading Comprehension


The best (worst ) part of this chapter (book) was…Why?Image result for books clipart free

Describe the setting in as much detail as possible.  How does it remind you of another place you know?

Describe one of the ( bravest, fairest, most important, humorous characters in the book).  Does he/she remind you of anyone?  How or Why?

Does this book remind you of any other book you have read?   In what way?  How are they similar/different?

Have you ever had a similar experience…or know someone who has had a similar experience…in what way?

Were you reminded of anything in your own life?

How would you feel/react if the same thing happened to you?

What surprised you?  Why?  What were you expecting?

What challenges do the characters encounter and how do they deal with them?

How does a characters actions affect other people in the story?

What is the story really about?

Answer:  Who?  What?  Where? When? How?

What is the author’s message?

How does the title relate to the book?

Whose point of view is represented in the story?  Whose point of view is not well represented? Explain.

How would the story be different if told from another character’s point of view?

What was the most interesting word, phrase or sentence in the chapter?  Why did you find it interesting?

What do the illustrations add to the story?

How does the story/chapter begin and end?  Why do you think the author chose the beginning/ending?

What are the important events in this book?

Additional questions for NONFICTION

What do you already know about this topic?  (or what did you learn that you did not know before)?

What questions would you still have about this topic?