Accelerated Reader (AR)

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    Our school has adopted the Accelerated Reader Program. This is a computer based reading program that allows students to read at their individual level. The program is through the company Renaissance Learning. The AR program is the complementary program to STAR Reading.

     After taking the STAR reading assessment, each student chooses and reads a book at his/her level and then takes a computerized test on the book. The teacher receives immediate feedback on each student's individual reading progress. The STAR and AR programs are cumulative; therefore, teachers and administrators can look at the growth of each student and identify those who are not making adequate progress. Each student will have an AR goal every nine weeks based on his/her current STAR test level.

       Your child has been checking out books from the school library that are color-coded according to their own Accelerated Reader reading level. These books are perfect for reading at home and recording on the nightly reading log. The books in my classroom are also leveled according to AR. Students have the opportunity to read these books during Reading Workshop at school and may sign out books for home reading.

        Many parents have asked how to find books at their child’s reading level and this is an easy way to do so! The local libraries can also direct you to books leveled for Accelerated Reader. You can also look for AR levels on the Scholastic book orders that come home. Also, if you would like to look for AR levels on books you already have at home, all you need to do is type in on your computer. Type in the book's title and the "BL level" tells you the reading level of that book. Your child should already know his/her individual level. Students should not test on books too far above or below their level.

      Students are expected to test on the books once they are read. They must do the testing at school on the computer.  There is a way to track your child’s progress from home. A letter was sent home that explains how to set this up.