Parent School Compact


parent school compact
This compact is designed to build a partnership between the school, parents, and students in order to help Title I student success throughout this school year.  Parents have the right to ask about teacher qualifications.  We want the best education for our children!

I will support my child’s learning by:

  •           Helping my child arrive on time for school and ready to learn
  •           Providing a quiet area for my child to do schoolwork and make sure it is completed
  •           Communicating with teachers and staff, and attend parent-teacher conferences
  •           Encourage a positive attitude toward school
  •           Helping my child learn to resolve conflicts in positive ways
  •           Providing a healthy environment for my child

I will work to improve my school work by:

  •           Attending school regularly
  •           Finishing schoolwork to the best of my ability
  •           Obeying school and classroom rules
  •           Respecting and cooperating with other students and adults
  •           Bring needed supplies to class

The entire school staff will share the responsibility for improved student achievement.  I will:

  •           Have high expectations for myself, students, and fellow staff members
  •           Demonstrate care and concern for each student while respecting differences
  •           Make good use of academic learning time
  •           Provide meaningful learning experiences by constructing lessons with clear objectives

Message from the principal:
I support this form of parental involvement.  I will:

  •           Provide opportunities to be involved in the school and students’ education
  •           Encourage positive communication between the teacher, parent, and student
  •           Encourage homework assignments that reinforce classroom instruction