8th Grade


8th grade
Grade 8

Students are selected for Title I services based on the following multi-criteria: 

  • End of Year Assessment (Gr 7 CPM) 
  • STAR Math Score(s)
  • Previous Title I Math Services
  • Previous Retention or Placement
  • All were included for the selection of Title I Math students

If too many total criterion scores are identical within the 20th percentile, further investigation of the beginning inventory test will be utilized to determine eligibility. If needed, the STAR tests will then be looked at too.  

Delivery System
Inclusion and/or pull-out (small group)

Materials Used 
Curriculum developed to parallel the CPM series

Progress Monitoring
All grade 8 students are tested with STAR – four times a year individual letters are sent to each Parent/Guardian.
All grade 8 Title I Math students will also be STAR Math tested every 4.5 weeks. 

Exit Policy
STAR tests will be administered every 4.5 weeks. A discussion with the classroom teacher for possible release from the Title I program will be initiated when students show growth on two consecutive tests. Additionally, if a student scores 6 months above current grade equivalent on two consecutive STAR Math tests, this too will initiate a conversation with the classroom teacher for potential release. 

If the classroom teacher, Title I teacher and scores indicate improvement, the child will be released from services.