RLSD History

Dee Plecko, retired Rootstown Local Schools Employee, created a book capturing 100 Years of Rootstown High School (1894-1994).  Mrs. Plecko has given permission for this book to be included on this website.  You can view this book by clicking by selecting the link below:

100 Years of Rootstown High School



Dedicated to those who remember.......

This part of our website contains memories. We have included old photos, pamphlets, papers and other memorabilia that help define a small part of Rootstown's history.

We apologize for the quality of the materials, but time has taken its toll. Nevertheless, we feel you will enjoy the journey back.

We wish to thank those people who contributed the materials presented here. If you have anything of interest that you would like to share with the rest of the community, please notify the Superintendent's Office.

A History of Road Names in Rootstown Township by Shirley Biltz Riemenschneider


Pamphlets (in PDF Format)

  • Dedication of Rootstown High School
  • Dedication of Football Stadium
  • Dedication of Middle School Bell Tower
  • Open House for Middle School Addition
  • Rootstown's Sesquicentennial Booklet

(To view the pamphlets you will need a PDF Reader.   You can download this reader at Adobe Acrobat.)

Photos and Such 

  • Class of 1923-1924
  • Class of 1924-1925
  • Class of 1925-1926
  • Class of 1927-1928

The early 1920's photos were donated by Kelly (Stanley) Meszaros. The teacher in the photo was Mrs. Meszaros' grandmother.

  • 1931 Faculty Picture

The 1931 faculty picture was submitted by Dr. Gary Savage. According to his sources, the gentleman with glasses is Ward Davis and the fourth lady from the left in the front row is Bertha Bradshaw.

  • Rootstown School's State Charter

This original State Charter for Rootstown Local Schools was submitted by Dr. Savage. However, no one seems to know why the District was not chartered until 1968. If anyone in the community knows, please give the Board Office a call.