Third Grade Guarantee

Last Updated: 9/30/2021 1:35 PM

Dear Rover Parents,


The Ohio Legislature passed Senate Bill 316, which Governor John Kasich signed into law. Senate Bill 316 includes changes and reforms that directly affect elementary schools, including the addition of the “Third Grade Guarantee,” and the following actions to be taken by all elementary schools throughout the State of Ohio:

  • Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year and moving forward, districts are required to conduct reading assessments on all students in grades K-3. This must be completed for First through Third Graders by September 30 and Kindergarteners by November 1.
  • As a result of those assessments, teachers must identify students as “On Track” (meaning that their performance is meeting expectations for students entering the current grade level) or “Not on Track” (meaning that their performance is currently below expectations for the grade level to which they are entering).
  • School districts are required to notify parents of students identified as “Not on Track” with a letter following the completion of assessments.
  • A reading improvement and monitoring plan (RIMP) must also be completed that will describe the intervention and monitoring to remedy the child’s specific reading deficiencies. 
  • Starting with students who entered third grade in the 2013-14 school year, we will not be able to promote students to fourth grade who score below a designated level on the Reading portion of the ELA State Test.  There will be some exceptions for students who are English Language Learners and for some students with disabilities.   

Our schools have always provided a variety of intervention supports in reading. We believe that addressing reading concerns early is the best path to overall student success.


Identifying students as "On-Track" and “Not on Track” is required by the State. Should you receive a letter identifying your child as being “Not on Track,” we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher and/or principal for a more detailed summary of what our assessments indicate to be areas for improvement. We WILL immediately engage in helping your child move toward being “On Track” with additional classroom instruction and/or reading intervention. We recognize that it may be a worry to think that your child is “Not on Track” after only being in his/her new grade level for a few weeks. DO NOT jump to the conclusion that “Not on Track” status, based upon initial assessments on the first days of school, means that your child will not be successful in school. We have great confidence that with good teaching and support, we can help all of our students grow and succeed!


We take our responsibility to support your child’s learning VERY seriously, and we are grateful for your partnership in making sure that our students are well prepared not only for tests now, but also for their success in college, careers, and the workplace beyond K-12 schooling. Please feel free to contact your building principal with any questions or concerns that you might have about the new legislation and its requirements. 


Lastly, in an effort to provide support to districts, educators and families, ODE has resources and tools for you to review: Third Grade Guarantee


Thanks in advance for your support,

Andrew Hawkins, Superintendent

Robert Campbell, Director of Teaching and Learning