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Dear Families,


As you know, the Governor has stated that schools close down for three weeks beginning tomorrow.   Luckily, one week of the shut down was scheduled as our Spring Break anyway. We are still required to send two weeks worth of work home for students to complete while we are out of school. 

Google classroom has been set up for all third grade students.  This is where his/her daily assignments will be accessed.  

Your child will need to get into their gmail account. 

They will first type:

They then click on “sign in” and use their account and password to get access.


Your child has their account number and has used this account in the classroom many times.  They have their account and passwords written on:

Mrs. Coffman:a post-it in their book baggie and in their blue ELA folder

Mrs. DeBos:  passwords are in their composition book.  Your child has taken these home.

Mrs. Lewis:  passwords are in the green DAILY FIVE folder.  

Mrs. Morgart: passwords are in their blue ELA folders.  


They will access google classroom by first clicking on their waffle button at the top right hand corner. Then they click on the classroom icon.  The class code for this site is : rigxkqr.  Required classwork and any needed links will be provided here.  Grades will be taken and used for the next nine week period.


Please remember that we are scheduled to take the AIR State Reading/Language Assessment the day we return from this extended break, April 6 & 7.  If this changes, you will be notified. It will be very important for your child to keep up on their reading and school work during the break. We will keep you informed as we get more information through Mr. Turner’s call out, email, and Bloomz messages.  You may also want to check the school website and Facebook for any change, as well. Thank you for your help at home!


Please continue reading for AR.  Students will be able to test on AR upon their return to the classroom.


If you should have any questions, please contact your teacher at

Mrs. Bing: 

Mrs. Coffman: or on my Bloomz page

Mrs. DeBos:

Mrs. Lewis:  

Mrs. Morgart:  or on my Bloomz page


If you should have problems with the internet and getting access to your child’s gmail account (after putting in correct account and password), please contact the board office:


Or Dr. Treharn at:

      Mr. Turner at:

      Mr. Boring at:


Students who were absent on Monday will need to pick up their materials as directed by Mr. Hawkins in the call-out.  

Stay healthy, 

Mrs. Bing, Mrs. Coffman, Mrs. DeBos, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Morgart



            Welcome to third grade!  My name is Dawn Coffman and I am happy to have the privilege of being your child’s teacher this year!  I look forward to all of the exciting things we will be learning and doing in our classroom.

            As parents, your impact on your children is strong, as you know.  Their attitude toward school depends upon you to a large extent.  Knowing that their parents place importance upon homework, behavior, and learning will do them a tremendous favor now, and in the future.

            Third grade is a big transition for many children.  There is more homework, and tests are sometimes different than those they have had in the past. We encourage them to manage their time wisely and make responsible choices. 

             If you would like to meet with me at any point in the school year, please don’t hesitate to call.  The number at the elementary is (330)325-7971.  I am always willing to work with parents to provide a positive experience for students in the classroom.

            Let’s all have a great year in third grade!

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