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My name is Mrs. DeBos and  I have the honor of working with Third Grade students here in Rootstown, Ohio!  This will be my eleventh year as a third Grade teacher in Rootstown and I am excited to share this year with both the children and their parents as well as my co-teachers.  In the past I have worked with Third through sixth grade Academically Advanced students and more recently, Kindergarten and First Grade students.   I attended Kent State University for a dual major in both elementary grades 1-8 and academically gifted K-12.  Later I was able to add certification in Kindergaten and then a master's degree in Reading. Each summer, I enjoy reading about educational issues and units that I think will improve my teaching and my most recent readings include: Shake Up Learning by Kasey Bell and  a rereading of Teach Like a Pirate  by David Burgess.  I have also enjoyed a few articles on Hatties effect sizes and videos about effectively using our school's on-line computer program- Mobymax. I plan to employ several new ideas from these books/articles/videos this year!

I have lived in Rootstown for over 20 years now and both of my daughters graduated from the Rootstown school district!  Both continued their education --my oldest graduated from Kent State, while my youngest graduated from Defiance College.  My husband and I feel very blessed that they work in nearby towns and we get to see them often!  We also are the proud grandparents of a six year-old girl who regularly reminds us of the joys of childhood and the excitement of discovery!

This web site is a "work in progress" and I hope to add links/information as the year continues. I  invite you to check out the Academic Standards at  I have also added links to many different educational sites that the children/parents may find interesting under Fun web links in the list of pages to the right.  I suggest visiting just one or two sites at a time to preview and then selecting a few for your "favorites". I would also appreciate any suggestions for web sites that you have enjoyed (for parents or children).  You will find important dates from the Rootstown School District calendar.  Weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) newsletters are sent home with other important information and scheduled activities.  The Classrom Funnies is my favorite area on my web site and I always have more stories to add (thanks to your children!)

The educational standards have changed recently with one of the major differences being an emphasis on depth of knowledge or understanding.  For example, third grade students not only need to fluently multiply & divide numbers within 100, they must also be able to demonstrate a variety of ways to model these operations (groups, numberline, arrays, repeated addition/subtraction).  There is also a greater emphasis on reading and writing non-fiction material while supporting opinions or writing with evidence from text.  If you are interested, there is much more information available on the ode website listed above, and I recommend that you look at these standards.

I have used many parent volunteers in the past and plan to do the same this year. I can't say enough about the difference our parent-volunteers have on our children's education.  Volunteers can work with individuals or small groups of children.  Volunteers are always welcome (you may schedule a regular weekly visit or volunteer occasionally when it fits your schedule).   I will once again employ a behavior system based on a book by Rai Esquith (Teach like Your Hair's on Fire). This behavior system teaches life lessons and also many of the 3rd grade economic standards.  You will find more information about this system under the Behavior link on my pages. A list of items that can be donated for this project can be found under the Wish List link.


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