Bully Awareness and Prevention

Bully Awareness and Prevention


The Rootstown Elementary School Student handbook states: "Bullying offenses are not subject to discretionary discipline. They are against the law. A proven violation will result in suspension and/or expulsion."
We take bullying serious and do not want any child to feel it is unsafe to come to school. 

What We Do.....

Every year, each classroom has a lesson that illustrates what bullying is and the various types, as well as ways to prevent bullying or to deal with a bully. In addition, we celebrate Anti-Bullying Week with dress up days, daily facts and trivia, and prizes. This school year PBIS allows students to take PRIDE in their behavior and accomplishments, and rewards for positive and good behavior!


Why Do Students Bully?

  • To gain power
  • To get attention or become popular
  • To get material things
  • To act out problems at home
  • To copy another person they admire
  • Jealousy
  • May be unhappy with themselves

How Do Students Bully?

  • Fight, hit, punch, etc.
  • Exclude others
  • Say mean things, start rumors, etc.
  • Try to control others

What Can Happen to Children Who are Bullied?

  • They may feel scared, alone and/ or sad
  • They may not like going to school
  • They may develop low self-esteem
  • They may feel physically ill (i.e., get headaches and stomachaches)

Ways to Stop a Bully...

  • Confront the bully (example: "Leave me alone!")
  • Stay away so you cannot be bullied
  • Ignore the bully
  • Walk away
  • Use an "I-Message"
  • Use humor
  • Talk it out
  • Tell a trusted adult (i.e., parent or guardian, school counselor, teacher, etc.)
  • Go with friends