Counseling Services

Last Updated: 8/27/2020 3:55 PM


Ms.Rudloff meets the needs of the school and students through a variety of methods. Some of the main ways she interacts with and meets the needs of students and families is through classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling, small group counseling, and parent meetings.

Classroom Guidance Lessons
Throughout the year, Ms. Rudloff visits every class during a  classroom session to teach a lesson that corresponds with with the overall topic for the year. In addition, a letter is sent home after each lesson to describe what was discussed and the activities that were completed. 

Rovers 'R': Respectful, Responsible, Role Models (PBIS);  The basis for the PBIS framework is allowing students to know what behaviors and actions are expected of them in every area of the school day. When students display these behaviors and expectations, they are positively rewarded through earning an R-Card and any other rewards his or her teacher may supply. 

Individual Counseling
Ms. Rudloff meets with students on a variety of issues throughout the day and the year. If I child wishes to see Ms. Rudloff they must inform their teacher who will submit a  counselor referral form. Students must wait for Ms.Rudloff to come ask for them from class. 
Parents may call, e-mail, or write a note to the counselor if they wish for their child to meet with her. 
*Please note that these sessions with Ms. Ray (or any school counselor) do not replace therapy with a mental health professional. 

Group Counseling
Various small group counseling topics are covered throughout the school year. The group sessions are held in the privacy of the counseling office and usually meet for approximately 6-7 sessions during your child's lunch. Group Experiences that are offered throughout the year include:

Friendship Club* (social skills building)

Banana Splits* (Divorce/separated/changing families)
Good Cope* (identifying emotions, triggers, and coping skills, Zones of Regulation)
Worry Busters* (Stress and anxiety management)

*as participation allows/is requested.

Due to COVID-19 and the school procedures to maintain healthy students and staff, group offerings may be adjusted or not held during the 2020-2021 school year!

Parent Meetings
You can schedule a time to meet Ms. Rudloff by calling

330.325.2011 or emailing her at

Ms. Rudloff is also available during regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences and you may request her presence at the meeting also. 

**Trust is an essential component in any counseling relationship, and confidentiality creates that trust**