Misty Dulaney
Middle School Educational Aide

Welcome to the Rootstown Middle School library

Misty Dulaney



COVID Middle School Library Check In/Out Hello,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  Though things will be different for everyone this school year, the one thing we will continue to do is check out library books!  Again, it may be done a little differently but we will work together to get through it.

First, due to COVID 19, you will be looking for books through the online catalog, which is a catalog with all books that are in the library at Rootstown Middle School.   

To access the catalog please do the following:

  -  Search
  -    Click on the ISearch  button 
  -    In the tab “What are you looking for today?” click
library catalog 
  -    Click on the drop down arrows on the All
       Libraries line
  -    Click on
Rootstown Middle School
  -    Click on the ISearch button   
  -    Under All Fields click on how you want to search for
        books By:   1. Title     2.  Author   3.  Subject   
 -    On the space to the right where is says “library
type in what you want to look for.   
              Example:  Dogs, trains, etc.
 -    Hit the
Search button 
 -    On the left side of the screen will be a column where you can narrow down your search to Fiction,
Non Fiction, etc. This will now show you the list of all of the books in the Middle School Library that pertain to dogs, trains or whatever you choose.

  -    You may then click on the book and most books will have a description of the book, under the summary tab, to see if the book interests you.  Once you choose a book, if you look just under the picture, you will see letters in red printWrite down what is in red print, as well as the title and author of the book.   

- Then you are going to take that information (what’s in red print, title and author) and email it to me at requesting to check the book out.  Remember, you are allowed to check out two (2) books for two (2) weeks at a time if you would like.

- The books will then be delivered to you during intervention within one or two days.           


TO RETURN BOOKS:                     

Books are to be returned to the library to a designated drop box.  They will remain in the box for the specified amount of time required to be quarantined and disinfected.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Sincerely, Mrs. Dulaney



You may also use the
Portage County Library's Express system.  
        STEP 1: Have a Portage County Library card
        STEP 2: Call a local library or go online to the Portage County Library 
to make your request and place it on hold.  Identify Rootstown Express as your pick-up point. You will receive a call to let you know your items are ready for pick-up.
        STEP 3: At the Express box at the south west door of RMS type in the last 7 digits of your library card.  The locker with your items inside will open.  Remove the items you requested and close the door. Items are all ready checked out to you and are ready to go. 
        STEP 4:  A drop off box is located near the Library Express.




 1.  Set up the computer in a common room of the house, not in your child's room, so it its easier to see what is being viewed on the Internet. 

 2.  Have your child show you what he or she knows how to do online, as well as his or her favorite sites.

 3.  Keep access to your child's e-mail account and randomly check it.  Also closely monitor your child's chat-room activity.

 4.  Get to know your child's online friends.  Teach your child to never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone he or she met online.

 5.  Instruct your child to not give our identifying information, such as home address, telephone number, or school name, and to not send personal pictures to people who are strangers.

 6.  Do an online search for "child-friendly search engines" that your child can use when working on school projects.

 7.  Install filtering software on your computer to guard against adult content.  Consider the "whitelisting" feature that allows children access to only an approved list of sites.  

 8.  Teach your child to never respond to threatening or offensive e-mail or chat-room messages.

 9. Tell your child to not download anything from the Internet without your approval.

10.  So everyone remembers, type up the specific Internet safety instruction you want your child to know and post them near the computer.