Our kids success is measured by your support!

JOIN the Rootstown Middle School PTO today!


What is the Rootstown Middle School PTO?

A parent, teacher organization developed to support the school, inform parents and organize activities for students using parent volunteers.  

PTO helps students and parents transition to the Middle School by keeping parents informed and involved and by providing important social interaction for students. 



What activities does the PTO engage in?

Dances – There is a $5 admission fee and refreshments will be made available.  Parents are needed to help plan and chaperone each dance.

Talent Show – This event takes place in November and allows students to showcase their talents.  Help is needed with auditions, directing, practice and advertisement.

Fund Raiser –We will be doing a fundraiser in the fall.  Information about the fundraiser will be coming home in September.  We are always looking for new ideas so any suggestions would be appreciated.   PTO has used the funds generated in the past for items such as a sound system, banners in the gym for the new PTC district, bookshelves, fans for the classrooms, a trophy case for academic achievements, an Ipad and an LCD projector.

Teacher Appreciation Week – Help is needed in the spring to plan thank you gifts for our valued teachers. 

Drama Production – This event is held in the spring to allow students to experience acting and crew help before the high school level.  Volunteers are needed to direct, audition, plan choreography, rehearse, build sets, and advertise. 

Teacher Conference Snacks – Volunteers are needed to provide food for the staff during spring and fall conferences.

8th Grade Recognition – This event is held in May to recognize the accomplishments of our outstanding eighth grade class.   Volunteers are needed to plan and decorate for the ceremony. 

The 8th Grade trip – A committee is needed to pick a destination, plan, and organize a trip for the eighth graders in addition to chaperoning.   Committee persons must be PTO members.

5th Grade Orientation – This evening provides the incoming sixth graders a peek at middle school life to ease the transition for students and parents.


We need YOU to help make our kids succeed, won’t you join us today?  Dues are $5.00 per year. 

You can print the form HERE and send it in with your child TODAY!



Dance Rules & Regulations

Admission to all dances is $5.00 and refreshments are now included in the cost of admission

                       *****NO ONE is to leave the school when attending the dance*****

*****Parents must COME IN to pick up their child*****


Please remember that ALL STUDENT GUIDELINES must be followed when attending school dances

1.  All school rules, as listed in the student handbook, are in effect

2.  Students are NOT permitted to leave the school.  If a student leaves he/she cannot return.

3.  Students must remain on the first floor

4.  No public display of affection is permitted.

5.  Inappropriate language is not permitted.

6.  Hats and other head coverings are not permitted.

7.  "Slam-dancing", stage diving, and other non-traditional dance related activities are not permitted.

8.  Only Rootstown Middle School students are permitted to attend

9.  Directives given by adult chaperons must be followed

10. Parents must come into the building to pick their child up.

***Any violation of school rules may be cause for removal from the dance and also denial from attending future dances.

Donations for pop/cookies are always appreciated.  Please feel free to drop them off at the school office or bring them that day