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Have a Safe and Restful Summer Break.

See you in August.



Summer Break Info for Work Permits

If you need a work permit during summer break you can email Mrs. Lara (lara@roversk12.org) the completed application. She will complete and sign the permit for you and contact you to pick it up. The high school office will be back open on August 17th. If a permit is needed after this day you may bring it to the office. Click the links below to print the application.



Work Permit Informationsmiley

Work Permit information for students and parents.

If your student has started a new job they will need a work permit.

Below are the links for the application that will need completed.



Once the forms are completed by the parent and also the employer you can email them or bring them to the school office to Mrs. Lara. She will make the actual permit that is needed to give back to the employer. Feel free to email Mrs. Lara with any questions.  @lara@roversk12.org



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