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Reminder:  Last week you were given an assignment of the 2 types of wind turbines related to renewable energy. Please send your completed essay.  DUE APRIL 6, 2020.


We are reviewing hand and power tool identification and their basic usage.

_____  Complete “Name that Tool” worksheet - a review of the tools we have used in class. Click here for worksheet /userfiles/92/my files/name that tool worksheet.pdf?id=1163  Once you have finished the worksheet, you can scan it and send it to my email at

_____  Complete  “Wasting Processes” worksheet (In other words, is material removed by abrasion or cutting?).  Click here for worksheet /userfiles/92/my files/worksheet wasting process.pdf?id=1164  Once you have finished the worksheet, you can scan it and send it to my email at

If you have questions on either of the worksheets, please email me.



Classroom work for March 30 - April 3, 2020: 

1. View the following YouTube videos on sustainable energy (wind turbines):


2. You will choose one of the following assignments:

A. Sustainable energy is an important part of industrial technology for today's energy needs.  You will investigate wind energy by viewing YouTube videos on the types of wind turbines. Write a 300 word essay on the two basic types of wind generators: HAWT and VAWT.  Email the essay to The essay is due to me by Saturday, April 4, 2020.


B. Using any materials you have at home (paper towel cardboard rolls, popsicle sticks, plastic tubing, PVC, etc), create one of the types of generators (HAWT or VAWT) on a small scale. It does not have to generate electricity.  Refer to the YouTube video where a student made both types. This option can be your final project if you choose to do so. Email me with any further questions about Option B.  Project is due May 30, 2020.  Take a picture of your project if we do not return to school by that date.

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