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Send me a Bloomz message, or e-mail me at cebulla@roversk12.org.

Head over to our Google Classroom for all daily assignments.


1st Grade Classroom Code: 7wc2mtg

Here is a quick video to help you use Google Classroom:


Google Classroom: How Students Complete Assignments

YouTube video   ‪4 minutes‬


Additional Classroom Codes are as follows:

Mr. Richardson's Music Classroom Code: rwevpwc

Mrs. Pollack's Library Classroom Code: khih2wg

Mr. Rodstrom's Gym Classroom Code: zs2ftb6

Ms. Horvath's Art Classroom Code: ou5gypy

Mrs. Ray's Counselor Classroom Code: tf5znyw


Link for AR Testing (open for you to AR test at home from 8am to 10pm daily):


-Generally, the student usernames are the student's first initial and the first four letters in his or her last name (For example, my name is Heather Cebulla, so my username would be "hcebu."), although some differ slightly.  The passwords are all "abc."  If you can't seem to log in, ask me, and I will let you know what your kiddo's specific username is.  Good luck, and happy reading!!

**Mrs. Pollack can help you if you need online AR books for testing. You can e-mail her at pollack@roversk12.org.  


Link to Edpuzzle:


Class Code: tenivob 


Link to Moby Max class sign in page:



Link to Xtra Math optional math fact practice:



Link to Heggerty explanation video: 




Preview YouTube video Heggerty at Home E-Learning

Heggerty at Home E-Learning







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