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Amelia Mohan
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I miss you all so much!  Stay safe and healthy!  Have a great summer!

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Sick of being stuck at home with no place to go?  Then go on a field trip!  Not a real one-a virtual one!  Click on the link below (Arizona State University's website) to check out some cool places!


The National Alliance on Mental Illness created a 14 day “Healthy at Home” Challenge.  They have some really great ideas for youth to do at home!  It could really help some of the youth that are struggling being stuck at home during this time.  Click on the link below to check it out!




Counselors do not maintain 24-hour access to email accounts or phone messages.


If you need help, please contact the numbers below:


Portage County Crisis Line: 330-296-3555 or 330.678.4357

Suicide Prevention Hotline Call: 1-800-273-8255

24-hour Crisis Text Line: 741741

To anonymously report child abuse or neglect:  CARES Hotline 330.296.CARE (2273)