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  • Sept. 9-13

    9/9 discuss summaries, voc, sp, gr for "Slide", restatement & multiple choice ?s, research name  HW: story elements: use sticky notes to identify 1-3, ASSESSMENT Friday, 9/13 over "A Glow in the Dark" and "Up the Slide" content and voc, sp, gr for "...Slide"

    9/10: writing prompt, conflict  HW: study for assessment, research name

    9/11: OTD, root word, nf/f narrative chart, discussion web  HW: root words "bio" and "lumen" due Friday 9/13, research name

    9/12: conflict, story elements, discussion web, terms  HW: study


  • September 3-6

    9/3: OTD, vocabulary, Style, Mood, and Tone, tone words, tone for "The Bat"  HW: root words, appositive notes pg. 435 & 605, study for "The Bat" assessment on Thursday

    9/4: OTD, finish tone, restatement, root word, appositives  HW: study for assessment

    9/5: "The Bat" assessment-vocabulary, spelling, and grammar, read "A Glow in the Dark" and discuss questions

    9/6: STAR reading, read "Up the Slide," write a summary for both stories to be used next week  HW: voc and sp 




  • August 27-30

    ASSESSMENT on "The Bat" content, voc, sp, gr on Thursday, 9/5.

    8/27: books, procedures, Comments/Questions/Suggestions, name tents, writing prompt folders   HW: signed parent/guardian form, cover Literature and Writing and Grammar Book

    8/28: create "On This Day" notebook to stay in the classroom, complete "On This Day" writing   HW: signed form, cover books

    8/29: OTD, label dividers, discuss Stellaluna, Every day edit, read poem, "The Bat"  HW: signed form, cover books

    8/30: OTD, MLA citation for Stellaluna, all questions pg. 502, spelling sheet   HW: Root Words-due Wed. 9/4, vocabulary sheet

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