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  • March 30-April 3



    Covid-19 journal entries

    Nikki Grimes Golden Shovel Poem

    Nikki Grimes comparing poems questions

  • March 2-6

    3/2: OH standards pg. 111-115, 197-202, TBT post test

    3/3: Classroom Cereal, OH standards lesson 14 pg. 127-131, HW: voc for lesson 19

    3/4: root words archos, e, ex, OH standards lesson 19

  • Feb. 24-28

    2/24: Ted Talk "How to Love and Be Loved" and questions, discuss "Heart to Heart" poem questions

    2/25: type final for essay contest, Plant Mash Up entry form-due Monday 3/2

    2/26: Ohio Standards book pg. 123 essay ?, pg. 72 & 73  HW: pgs. 64 & 65]

    2/27: final revisions of essay for essay contest  HW: Classroom Cereal stories 8 & 9

  • Feb. 18-21

    2/18: finalize essay for plastics contest

    2/19: root words, Heart to Heart poem, peer edit essay  HW: finish poem and questions

    2/20: essay corrections, research for Plant Mash up

    2/21: finish research

  • Feb. 10-13

    2/10: cinquain, work on essay for contest

    2/11: work on essay for contest

    2/12: cinquain

  • Feb. 3-7

    2/3: OH standards book pgs. 275 & 276, 278 & 279, 119-123, thesis statements  HW: write thesis statement for rubber band essay

    2/4: introductory paragraph: hooks, bridge, summary, thesis  HW: write introductory paragraph

    2/5: conclusion paragraphs, type intro and conclusion paragraphs

  • January 27-31

    1/27: reading assessment

    1/28: speech and questions, Newsela article  HW: study, questions for article

    1/29: root words, homework reading check, Space Station article and questions  HW: study, add a graphic to text due Friday

    1/30: Voc, sp, gr assessment, vocabulary sentences

  • January 21- 24

    Please note the new guidelines for late homework and reassessments for grades 6-12: 


    * Late work only applies to homework. 

    * Classwork is NOT a part of this policy and thus it cannot be made up for credit, with the exception of a student that is absent that day.

    * If a student is absent, they will have the same number of days that they were absent to make up classwork missed.

    * Projects that are for an assessment grade are considered the same as assessments. As a result, a student must turn in any project on the due date (and make a conscious effort) or they will not be allowed to re-assess the project. 

    * The deadline to turn in late homework for 100% credit is every Monday for homework which was due the previous week. This includes the Monday after the grading period ends if there were homework assignments that last week.

    * The deadline to re-assess Projects/Assessments remains one week before the grading period ends.

    * The deadline for students to re-assess projects/assessments taken during the last week of the grading period has been changed to the Tuesday following the last day of the grading period. 

    1/21: build grammar skills, correct build voc and spelling, correct homework questions, DLP Assessment--10 sentences  HW: finish questions,build voc and spelling, study for folktale assessment Friday

    1/22: correct voc & sp, subordinate clauses, folk tales packets, TIQAC strategy for answering essay questions  HW: study for folk tale assessment, complete sentences with subordinate clauses

    1/23: discuss folk tales chart, prepositions, active voice

    1/24: STAR reading, classroom cereal story 5

    1/27: Folk Tale Assessment-reading comprehension portion

    1/30: folk tales assessment-voc, sp, commas, prepositions, active and passive voice

  • January 13-17

    1/13: classroom cereal story 2 parts 1-3, read "Brer Possum" and "Coyote..." complete cultural context and folktales chart, OH standards book pg. 103-106

    1/14: OH standards book pg.107 & essay questions, Classroom Cereal story 2 parts 4 & 5, "John Henry" and "Paul Bunyan" and cultural connection chart

    1/15: root words, Classroom Cereal story 3 parts 1 & 2, "Pecos Bill" and "Davy Crockett" and cultural connection chart

    1/16: DLP sentences John Henry, classroom cereal story 3 parts 3-5

    1/17: classroom cereal story 4 parts 1-5, folk tales packet  HW: study for DLP sentences ASM on 1/21, folk tale ASM on Friday 1/24

  • December 9-19

    12/9: there, their, they're, research-find quotes  HW: quotation notes

    12/10: topic sentences, parallelism 

    12/11: category sentence, type

    12/12: conclusion sentences, type

    12/13: type

    12/16: type

    12/17: works cites

    12/18: revise

    12/19: Essay Due!


  • December 3-6

    12/3: write steps for invention, finish figurative language packet  HW: write 4 figurative language sentences for your invention

    12/4: figurative lang (idioms) questions, root words: hippos, iatros, first thoughts about invention sheet HW: notes par. 4 opinions, figurative language sentences

    12/5: first thoughts for three paragraphs   HW: finish the three paragraphs

    12/6: research-identify what might be used, topic sentences  HW: finish last paragraph, topic sentences for all

  • November 25-27

    11/25: notes for invention essay-parallel structure, figurative language, "The ____ Zone" Intervention: OH standards pg. 273 & 274, pg. 261 & 262  HW: STUDY FOR "THE ADVENTURE OF THE SPECKLED BAND" ASSESSMENT ON WEDNESDAY--This includes reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar-linking verbs, predicate nouns, prepositions, active and passive voice verbs

  • November 18-22

    11/18: graphic organizer for story, write a letter

    11/19: research packet for rubber band invention  HW: research packet due Friday

    11/20: parallelism HW: research packet

    11/21: research  HW: research packet

    11/22: research   HW: FINISH RESEARCH, notes packet


  • November 11-15

    Rubber Band Invention is due Thursday, November 14. Bring your invention to school. Be sure your name is on it. 

    11/11: Veterans Day-no apostrophe, Operation Gratitude: create a letter or card for Operation Gratitude 

    11/12: OH standards book pg. 15, major and minor characters chart, literary analysis, prepositions  HW: study for DLP sentence assessment, invention   

    11/13: DLP sentences Assessment, build grammar skills, detective questions

    11/14: share inventions  HW: complete sentences

    11/15: Who's Who, active and passive voice sent



  • October 14-18

    10/14: Mr. Fellenstein from the University of Akron introducing the Rubber Band Contest  HW: root words

    10/15: rubber band contest information

    10/16: Maplewood trip HW rubber band invention

    10/17: OTD, HW: rubber band invention

    10/18: "Columbus" assessment 

  • October 7-10

    10/8: OTD, characterization, helping verbs, standards book pg. 38 & 39, 164-166

    10/9: root work feles, poem "Columbus" vocabulary & paraphrase  HW: build spelling and voc, skills

    10/10: OTD, root words: monos, tonos, per, severus, standards book pg. 61-62 HW: dialogue and incident chart

  • September 30- October 4

    9/30: edit sentences, capitalize & punctuation video, birthday card for WWII vet  HW: fix fill in notes

    10/1: OTD, standards book pg. 22 & 23, 174 & 175  HW: punctuation poem

    10/2: I was absent, no sub.

    10/3:OTD, every day edit, root word "holos," standards book pg. 175 essay ?s

    10/4: standards pg. 27-31, 35  HW: finish pgs. 36 & 39 (not essay ?)

  • September 23-26

    9/23: OH standards book pg. 148, 149-multiple choice ?s, pg. 6, 7-m.c. ?s, pg. 14, 15-m.c. ?s, pgs. 171-173  HW: fill in notes quotes and underlining

    9/24: OTD, every day edit Jim Henson, Theme information  HW: standards book pg. 69-71

    9/25: root words macro, micro, poly, video and words: polymer, molecule  HW: root words

    9/26: everyday edits, newsela articles and questions HW: finish fill in notes for prepositions and conjunctions


  • Sept. 9-13

    9/9 discuss summaries, voc, sp, gr for "Slide", restatement & multiple choice ?s, research name  HW: story elements: use sticky notes to identify 1-3, ASSESSMENT Friday, 9/13 over "A Glow in the Dark" and "Up the Slide" content and voc, sp, gr for "...Slide"

    9/10: writing prompt, conflict  HW: study for assessment, research name

    9/11: OTD, root word, nf/f narrative chart, discussion web  HW: root words "bio" and "lumen" due Friday 9/13, research name

    9/12: conflict, story elements, discussion web, terms  HW: study


  • September 3-6

    9/3: OTD, vocabulary, Style, Mood, and Tone, tone words, tone for "The Bat"  HW: root words, appositive notes pg. 435 & 605, study for "The Bat" assessment on Thursday

    9/4: OTD, finish tone, restatement, root word, appositives  HW: study for assessment

    9/5: "The Bat" assessment-vocabulary, spelling, and grammar, read "A Glow in the Dark" and discuss questions

    9/6: STAR reading, read "Up the Slide," write a summary for both stories to be used next week  HW: voc and sp 




  • August 27-30

    ASSESSMENT on "The Bat" content, voc, sp, gr on Thursday, 9/5.

    8/27: books, procedures, Comments/Questions/Suggestions, name tents, writing prompt folders   HW: signed parent/guardian form, cover Literature and Writing and Grammar Book

    8/28: create "On This Day" notebook to stay in the classroom, complete "On This Day" writing   HW: signed form, cover books

    8/29: OTD, label dividers, discuss Stellaluna, Every day edit, read poem, "The Bat"  HW: signed form, cover books

    8/30: OTD, MLA citation for Stellaluna, all questions pg. 502, spelling sheet   HW: Root Words-due Wed. 9/4, vocabulary sheet

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