2017-2018 Report Card Summary

2017-2018 Report Card Summary~


The grades are in and for the first time, districts and schools were assigned an overall letter grade.  Rootstown Local Schools received an overall grade of a “C” for the district. Of the eleven districts in Portage County, one received an “A”, eight received a “C” and two districts earned a “D”.  The overall letter grade is determined from the following six components and are weighted as the table shows below.








Graduation Rate


Gap Closing


Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers


Prepared for Success



Each of these six components has one or more measures that comprise it and are weighted.  For example, the Graduation Rate component is made up of both a 4-year graduation rate (60%) as well as a 5-year graduation rate (40%).  To read more about each component, the weighting of measures as well as the entire report card, please see the accompanying document I posted.


Please keep in mind the report card only provides us a brief snapshot of the much larger picture when it comes to the education our district provides.  To that end, since this is a report we are measured by, I wanted to take some time to highlight areas of growth as well as areas for focus. We saw the largest gains in the Gap Closing component.  This looks at how well districts and schools are meeting expectations when it comes to sub-groups of students in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Graduation. The sub-groups included in our districts calculations include all students, white, economically disadvantaged and students with disabilities.  You can see our improvements noted below from last year to this year.


District: F to a B

Elementary: C to an A

Middle School: F to a B

High School: No change


Another area of growth for us was in the Progress component.  This area looks at the growth students are making based on their previous performances.  A letter grade of a “C” in this category represents one year’s growth and meets the expected amount of progress.  A letter grade higher than a “C” indicates students made more than the expected growth.


Elementary: F to a D

Middle School: C to a B

High School: B to an A


Lastly, we also improved our 5-yr Graduation Rate from a “C” to a “B”.  


Moving on to areas of focus, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers is an area we will continue to enhance.  This component relates to Ohio’s Third Grade Guarantee and ensuring all students are reading on grade level by the end of their 3rd grade year. This measure looks at students in grades K-3 and the percentage who were not on-track in the prior year and are now on-track in their current grade level.  Indicators met, which is part of the Achievement component is another area of focus. This looks at the percentage of students passing the state tests. The expectation for this has gone up in recent years from 75% to 80% and so has the level of rigor of these tests.  Parents and families can support improvement in this area by encouraging your child to take the practice tests available online. Finally, Prepared for Success is another focal point. Across the board, this seems to be an area of weakness for a majority of districts. I encourage you to look at page fourteen of the accompanying document for a full explanation of how this is calculated.         


Accompanying Document - Guide to Ohio School Report Card 


2017-2018 Report Cards:



Middle School

High School


If you have questions about this summary or the actual report card, feel free to contact me at treharn@roversk12.org or by calling 330-325-2014.


Terri Hrina-Treharn, Assistant Superintendent

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