Parent Phone Call 9/30


Hello, this is Andrew Hawkins from Rootstown Local Schools calling to inform you that, after reviewing quarantine data, our school district will be continuing the mask requirement for all students and staff in our buildings until further notice.

Since the mask requirement has been in place we have seen the number of students who have had to quarantine decrease from around 100 students a couple of weeks ago to just 5 students this week. 

While the number of students who tested positive for COVID-19 has remained constant during that time period, the masks have prevented other students from having to quarantine and miss school.

Our goal is for our students to be in front of our teachers, in person, everyday. It is evident that the mask mandate has allowed many more students to continue attending school in person.

We will continue to look at the data and inform you if there are any changes to our COVID-19 protocols. 

Please visit the school district’s website for information regarding COVID. 

Finally, Akron Children’s Hospital will be providing an opportunity for your child to receive a flu vaccination during school hours on Tuesday, October 5th with no out of pocket expense to you.  

The flu vaccination will be available to all students and each student should have received a packet of information regarding this flu vaccination. You can also access this packet of information on the school district’s website under district news.

This packet of information contains a parent consent form that must be signed by a parent or your child will not be able to receive the flu vaccination on October 5th.


Thank you and have a great evening!

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