District News

Graduation PowerPoint for the Class of 2019 and Beyond!

Our district goal for all students is to move to college or a skilled job upon graduation.

Student Flu Vaccinations
2017-2018 Report Card Summary

Read more about the State Report Card and how we did!

GRADUATION Mtg - Classes of 2019 and beyond

Tues, Sept 18th @ 6pm in the HS Cafe

First Day of School is August 28th

First Day of School Signs!

Press Release 7/3/18


Community Facilities Meeting 5/30

Vaccination Information Packet

IDEA-B Presentation
Ohio's State Tests

Please check here for the weekly schedule! 

Community Facilities Meeting 4/11
Community Safety Committee Meeting 4/9
Parent Safety Letter

Parent Safety Letter

Community Facilities Survey

Jan 25 - Feb 16


 Jan 8th @7pm in the HS Cafeteria

Happy Holidays!